Hail Damages Pear Orchard


PHOENIX, Ore. — Hundreds of pears at Sierra Vista Orchard are damaged following Friday night’s thunderstorm.

The damage is not hard to miss.  The hail puts little divots in the pear skin when it hits, often breaking the skin and damaging the pear. The hail damage could cost the orchard a pretty penny come harvesting season, but right now it is hard to calculate how much, according to Sierra Vista Orchard owner, Gary Hubler.

“We don’t really know yet until we take them to a packing house and see if they are willing to accept them in the condition they are in — see if they will even buy them from us in this condition,” said Hubler.

If the packaging house does not except the pears, Hubler and his crews will have to go through the pears one-by-one and weed out the wounded ones.

“It takes a little bit longer in labor and time because you’re trying to go after those bigger sizes,
and then the stuff we really can’t get much out of we’ll leave here in the orchard,” said Hubler.