Habitat For Heroes House Is First In OR

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Dozens were on hand Saturday morning to watch a military veteran and his family receive the keys to the first “Habitat for Heroes” house built in Oregon.

“I don’t know. Scream for joy or cry for joy. It’s super exciting just knowing that my family is going to have a stable house and a stable place to live,” said Veteran Thomas Gury.

Medford native Thomas Gury said he had a variety of emotions running through his mind as he and his family toured the house that has been months in the making. Gury has fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan over his 14 year military career. Gury said at first, he and his wife hesitated to apply once the VA contacted him.

“We went ahead and did the paperwork and turned the paperwork in minutes before the deadline and it was all up to habitat. They selected us,” said Gury.

Some volunteers were on hand to see the ribbon get cut and the family receive the keys.

“That’s the greatest part of all, I think, is when they move in,” said volunteer Dana Collins.
Dana Collins has been volunteering two days a week, every week, for ten years to help build homes with habitat for humanity. He says this one does stand out from the rest.

“Well this was for a hero. Habitat for Heroes, I think that was one of the best things,” said Collins.

As for Gury, he said he plans on giving his family his full attention once they are all moved in.

“The boots are hanging up right now and I’m focusing on my family now,” said Gury.

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  1. Jack Chadic says:

    I’ve been in both theatres with Sgt Gury, there is no one more deserving in my book. He is not just a hero and a father he is also a great friend and brother. Love you brother enjoy it all your family deserves to have you back.

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