Gun Supporters Fall Short of Senate Vote

MEDFORD, Ore. — Gun control supporters finally got their Senate vote on Wednesday but they didn’t exactly get what they wanted. President Obama said it was a shameful day in Washington, D.C.

Gun control advocates couldn’t muster the 60 votes they needed. The new bill failed to pass by six votes. Gun rights advocates say the changes were a slippery slope that would restrict the rights of gun owners, eventually leading to a federal firearms registry.

A background check is completed for every firearm purchase from a federally licensed firearms dealer. In Oregon, that includes gun shows; Oregon State Police facilitate the background checks for purchases in the state through the “Firearms Instant Check System.”

Officials say they generally can take about 15 minutes. All state and federal laws apply to the sale of firearms including to felony convictions and warrants for arrest. Officials with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office say there is one thing that sticks out to them that is not covered by the current background check system.

“Even if it’s a federally licensed dealer, he’s not going to understand that last week the guy made threats to hurt somebody and this week he’s buying a firearm,” comments Lt. Marty Clark. “So the mental health system, the ball is getting dropped with regard to mental health issues.”

Sheriff’s officials say the process for a concealed carry handgun license is different and much more extensive.

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  1. Loran Hughes says:

    Actually, several amendments to S. 649 were rejected on Wednesday. Two additional amendments were passed on Thursday morning. Afterwards, Sen. Reid pulled S. 649 before it could be voted on. It’s a procedural move that allows S. 649 to be brought back for a vote at a later date.

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