Gun Dealer Indicted on Federal Charges

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A Grants Pass gun dealer is accused of selling several firearms to a known felon, but the dealer says he is innocent. The U.S. Attorney’ s office is also accusing the dealer of falsifying paperwork related to those firearm sales.

NewsWatch 12’s Sharon Ko spoke with Wilson Lee Clow, Jr. Thursday afternoon. Clow said back in August, more than a dozen federal agents showed up at his door. Clow recalled how both he and his wife were handcuffed for several hours as those agents looked through his business and home.

Clow and his wife operate 2nd Amendment Guns Store in Grants Pass. He said the agents took away more than a hundred firearms from the store. He says the guns they took were worth more than $50,000. Clow claimed he does not know a single person that is a felon.

“They’re doing this because they’re trying to taint the business and taint me,” Clow said. “They’re pissed off because when they came here with their raid, they expected to find, according to them, 100 pounds of pot laying on the floor. 100 plants out in the garden. There was going to be machine guns, silencers and other illegal firearms.”

Each charge of knowingly selling firearms to a felon carries a maximum term of ten years in prison and each charge of making false statements of those sales carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Clow has not been arrested. and he has hired an attorney from Eugene.