Man Returns Stolen Money After 7 Years

food for lessMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford police are dealing with a theft investigation case unlike most they come across. A Medford man walked into the Police Department and handed over money he said he stole 7 years ago, plus interest.

The victim said he was shopping at Food 4 Less and accidentally left his day planner with the money inside, in a shopping cart. When he came back, it was gone. The man who stole it, said it was because his family was having financial troubles. But he also said, since the day he took it, he regrets stealing and felt guilty.

Throughout the years he saved up money so he could give it all back to the victim, and then some.

“Recently he came in, not only with the money he stole and the day planner, but an additional $1,400 he wanted to pay the victim basically as interest,” explained Medford Police Department Lt. Mike Budreau.

The man who stole it said he is religious and felt God was telling him it was the right thing to do to. The victim is not pressing charges against the man. He said losing that money was not a huge loss, but the money was saved up to buy presents.

The victim is donating half of the money to Hearts with a Mission, a charity his church supports.