Guanajuato Reps in Ashland Parade

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Visitors from Mexico took part in some of the Fourth of July festivities Thursday morning. Representatives from Ashland’s sister city were in town for the city’s Independence Day parade.

Representatives from Guanajuato describe the 44 year relationship with Ashland as strong and beautiful. Four guests from the sister city are in town and took part in the red, white and blue festivities. While spectators lined the streets and got in place to watch the 4th of July parade in Ashland, visitors from Guanajuato prepared to wave to the crowd.

Three representatives from the city, along with the queen of Guanajuato, have been in town all week from Ashland’s lone sister city and Guanajuato City Councilor Clarissa Arrache says it’s been a busy week meeting with both Ashland and Southern Oregon University officials.

“We were talking about exchanges regarding mainly education because we have many people in Guanajuato and you have here in Ashland that you want to exchange,” said Guanajuato City Councilor Clarissa Arrache.

Guanajuato Queen Ingrid Muniz says she has enjoyed her visit and thinks the two cities have a partnership that benefits the people of both cities.

“We have to work together and make this relationship stronger because this relationship is really beautiful and we are really similar cities,” said Guanajuato Queen Ingrid Muniz.

Queens of Ashland Katie Shammel & Vicki Lawton-Diaz recently returned from their visit to Guanajuato last month. They say the hospitality of Muniz and the people of Guanajuato is what stands out most and they’ve enjoyed showing Muniz around Ashland. Arrache says next year is the 45th anniversary of the partnership between the two cities and much can be learned from the two cultures.

“I think the most important think is the exchanges through the university and there relation people to people,” said Councilor Arrache.

Both cities are said to be known for their art and the Guanajuato representatives will be in town until Saturday.