Grubbs Friends Gather

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Laughter for memories, hugs for support and tears for sorrow.

“Everybody lost a brother,” said Garrison, a friend of Daivd Grubbs.

Monday night, the friends who knew him as “Grubbs”, gathered at a friend’s home, a makeshift sanctuary, giving each other a reminder of the young man who touched so many.

“I have two sons of my own,” remarked another friend, John, “and if they grow up with a grain of the heart he had, I will be a proud father.”

“David was an inspiration to me,” Garrison said. “He was my daughter’s Godfather, and I miss him, I don’t think any of our lives will be the same without him.”

Also Monday night, the start of a makeshift memorial where Grubbs was murdered.

“It’s just a tragedy and it’s disgusting that somebody would hurt so many people,” said Lilly, another friend.

“I just want people to know whoever did this really hurt a lot of people,” said friend Zach, “and Grubbs, I love you man, and I’ll never forget you.”

A night filled with many emotions, but one clear message.

“We’ll miss you buddy, we already do,” said Molly.

“I love you Grubbs,” Zach said.