Groups Speak Out Against GMOs

Groups speak out against GMOs.MEDFORD, Ore. – One week after southern Oregon fields containing genetically modified sugar beet crops were destroyed, citizens against GMOs discussed the issue of genetically altered food in Oregon.

Dozens of people attended the meeting at the Medford Library, where speakers talked about the increase of GMO plants in the Rogue Valley, and possible effects on health, and nearby organic crops.

The recent crop destruction on farms in Ashland, as well as the discovery of genetically modified wheat in Eastern Oregon, were brought up at the meeting.

Some speakers said the presence of GMO crops is causing cross-pollination on to organic crops.

Both the Oregon Farm Bureau and the group “Oregonians for Food and Shelter” are offering rewards for anyone who has information on the sabotaged beet sites, which were being grown by the company Syngenta.