Groups Protest at SOU

ASHLAND, Ore. – Southern Oregon University students and a religious group traded shouts back and forth as the two sides engage in protests on campus.

The Christian group consisted of six people, who each took turns preaching about Christianity outside the Stevenson Union. Some members made comments saying homosexuality is wrong and denounced non-Christian religions. Some SOU students gathered in opposition, and said the religious group’s speeches often turned hateful.

“It makes me feel fearful, it incites fear in people. We had some individuals up here earlier that were so upset that they started crying and had to leave the area and that’s what we want to avoid,” said Jordan Goodin, an SOU Junior.

The group said they are each from different Christian denominations, and said they wanted to spread their religion to students

“Kids have real strong beliefs. And they want to have discussions, they want to have debates,” said Shawn Holes, a member of the religious group.

Campus security was on hand as the two sides yelled back and forth for a few hours, but said no one ever got out of control.