Group Pushes to Reallocate Lottery Funds

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A group of citizens say they have a new plan to restore the criminal justice system in Josephine County and also give millions of dollars to other counties across Oregon.

Securing Our Safety is made up of citizens in Josephine County. They formed after the failed criminal justice tax levy. The group is wanting to move control of lottery dollars from the state to the county. Last year, Oregon generated 530 million dollars from the lottery.

SOS says 15% is given to state parks and 18% to education. Oregon legislators divvy out the remaining dollars to economic development or to education. The group is proposing to allow 50% of that to be county-controlled. Oregon voters will have to decide if this is something they want for their county. SOS believes it has a good chance of passing.

SOS members says it’s a two part phase to get their proposal on next November’s ballot. First, raising enough money to get it on the ballot and getting signatures from Oregon residents. SOS has already reached $30,000.

SOS plans to contact other county officials to start forming local committees and get those remaining signatures.

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  1. tim says:

    You guy’s really think Oregon is going to letgo of that money? right it wont pass

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