Group Proposes Changes to UO ID Cards

UO-ID-PICEUGENE, Ore. — Student organizations at the University of Oregon are proposing a small change that they think can make a big difference.

Right now, student ID cards are plain on the back. A group called UO Active Minds is asking the Student Affairs Office to use the empty space to print important information, like campus emergency numbers.

“We feel like there are a lot of resources students are capable of using if they only had the numbers or if they have them readily available. As you go on through your career in college, you forget those numbers you were handed when you were first a freshmen during your first year, such as Safe Ride, UCTC after hours, or even UODPS, public safety number,” said Juan Revera, UO Active Minds President.

The Student Affairs Office has received a number of proposals for different ideas, including lost and found information, and it’s considering what to do next.