Greenery Patients Concerned with Closure

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PHOENIX, Ore. — Phoenix city officials are ordering The Greenery to shut down by Friday or face legal action.

City officials say The Greenery has been illegally operating as a dispensary for months and passed an injunction to have The Greenery closed. Owners and supporters of The Greenery met Monday night to discuss what they would do next.

At the meeting, patients shared their worries about not having access to medicine locally.

“It would mean I would have to go find my medicine on the street, or the cartel if you want to put it that way. I would have no access anywhere else,” said Jesse Kelley who regularly gets medical marijuana at the Greenery. Kelley suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, pain, and seizures.

City officials say they sent The Greenery a letter ordering them to close, but as of Monday, The Greenery’s Executive Director says she still has not gotten that notice.

“One way or another, we will continue to fight for safe access. For patients we will continue to fight for safe access in Phoenix and we will continue to provide as much information as we can to patients so that they can participate and stand up and speak for themselves as well,” said Adams.


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  1. Frank Lee says:

    Why are “Phoenix City officials” so ignorant and closed-minded? What do they have to gain by closing a thriving business? Could they be personally benefiting from the illegal activities of drug cartels?

    The people of Oregon have spoken and we want medical marijuana! Phoenix and other repressive southern Oregon towns need to get their collective heads out of their collective…ashes.

    Keep The Greenery open!!

    1. handinhand333 says:

      “The people of Oregon have spoken”

      Well frank, I’m a rogue valley native of 20+ years and have visited the greenery on several occasions. I’m very perplexed by the brash support of a dispensary that has been operating illegally for several years as well as selling inferior medicine at almost double the black market rates to patients who don’t know any better. This entire shift in policy is the first time patients in oregon have actually had a viable solution for medicine. Now we have licensed stores across the state for medical patients, you are able to obtain your medicine from a number of quality locations. The bans in the rogue valley will expire and there will be legitimate facilities in the area, it’s a matter of time. What still strikes me as odd is that members of phoenix are still crying afoul and sticking up for an ill funded fly by night operation. The folks at the greenery have absolutely no interest in serving the community. They are desperate to keep their pot shop open for the meager revenue they earn off the folks that patronize them. So, why support them?

  2. Annie says:

    People are finally getting the point! Yay!
    Pot is illegal. A federal offense. Period. It is a drug. MAYBE some use it legitimately but the majority of pot users are simply addicts. They don’t care one iota about legality. They WILL sell, grow, distribute, whatever regardless of laws or health issues.
    Glad to see some responsibility happening.
    IF this were truly a legitimate medicine the users would do ALL they could to control the liars & cheats & illegal growers. Is not happening. Won’t happen. It is an addictive brain cell destroying drug. This illegal drug store is proof.
    Smart people will NOT use it no matter what using lawyers & doctors say.
    Good job Phoenix! Thank you!

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