Grants Pass to Discuss Exclusion Zone

City of Grants PassGRANTS PASS, Ore. — The City of Grants Pass will talk about the possibility of enforcing an exclusion zone law.

The city plans to not only look at what Ashland is doing with its enforcement, but will review other city policies across Oregon. Council members have a few ideas, but are waiting to get input from the community and downtown businesses first.

The city council is set to talk tonight at 6 p.m. also tonight the city of Grants Pass will ask for outside input on its temporary jail bed funding. Citizens can give feedback the contracted services with the Josephine County Jail.

Right now Grants Pass is paying a million dollars to rent up to 30 jail beds through the county. Police are filling up the beds reaching the contract’s maximum limit almost every day.

City officials plan to show statistics on crime activity and talk about the contract’s impact on the community.