Grants Pass Student Guitarist Recognized

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – 18-year-old James Cabot Metz’s passion for guitar is sending him to one of the best nationally ranked music colleges in the country. His teachers at Hendershott School of Music said they’ve seen his potential from the first day he walked through the door.

The guitar school owner, Paul Hendershott, said “he challenged me as a teacher, because everything I gave him he just ate up, and he would know it by the next time he came in, which is not the usual.”

Kamie Clarke, another guitar instructor, praised Cabot’s dedication from the beginning saying, “he was very good at reading music, like surprisingly good as a beginner.”

Cabot admitted his dad forced him to try a lesson, and said if he hated it, he would never have to touch another guitar. But after nine years of playing, Cabot said it was obvious that he would continue with music.

His experience includes a year of jazz band, two years on the bass guitar, and marching with a professional drum corps. Cabot has been in traveling musical groups during the summer where he played in front of thousands of people.

Paul Hendershott even joked that he’s surprised Cabot is still coming to him for lessons. “He’s surpassed me in certain techniques, and I just think he’s an awesome musician as well as an awesome individual,” said Hendershott.

Cabot’s Berklee School of Music interview included a solo piece, scales, improvisation, sight reading, and ear training.

Cabot says his secret is sticking to it — and enjoying the experience. He said, “You just have to practice all the time, if you hate it you’re never going to get anywhere.”