Grants Pass Revisits Dispensary Options

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Last month, the city of Grants Pass made a decision to not allow medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits. Now, they are revisiting the issue, but only to clamp down even harder.

Grants Pass resident and medical marijuana card holder David Fantone uses edible marijuana items to relieve pain. He said dispensaries would offer him a range of options.

“They have a variety and knowledge at these dispensaries they may have something that’s better for me sleep or something that’s better for me for pain,” said Fantone.

The Grants Pass City Charter states businesses must operate under federal, state and local laws. Because they are not recognized federally, dispensaries are not allowed to open in city limits. Now, the city is looking to add both a one year moratorium and prohibition in an effort to protect the decision should it be challenged in years to come.

“We’d still have two legal feet to stand on to say no and so our legal counsel said ‘yeah, take advantage of the ones when they come, so that when it comes time to defend it, you’ll have moreĀ  options than just one,'” said Grants Pass Mayor Darin Fowler.

Mayor Fowler said the community has been overall supportive of the move. He does, however, recognize the need for O.M.M.P. card holders to access their medicine and hopes the county will allow dispensaries outside of city limits.

“Hey, we’ve got to make sure we serve the public that does have medical marijuana cards and we have quite a percentage in the rural areas of Josephine County so we need to make sure that’s addressed,” said Mayor Fowler.

Fantone thinks options should be explored and cities and counties that are putting bans in place, will fall behind areas open to dispensaries.

“They wait and see what somebody else is going to do, that’s that much revenue, that’s that much education that their county is behind in,” said Fantone.