Grants Pass Man Guilty of Manslaughter

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A jury finds a Grants Pass man guilty of stabbing his neighbor to death in 2011.

Thursday morning, a verdict was finally reached with the Kiley Hudson murder trial. The 12 jurors voted unanimously finding Hudson guilty of manslaughter.

Yesterday the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict to convict him of murder. Oregon law says a decision must be made in the main charge, which in this case is murder, before jurors can make a decision on a lesser count like manslaughter one. Also, charging someone with murder requires a unanimous vote.

The jury could not reach that verdict, so instead they moved on to manslaughter in the first degree for unlawfully killing a person without intent to kill.

The Josephine County District Attorney, Stephen Campbell, says the Deputy D.A.’s on the this case put in a ton of work and hours into the trial. He felt the jury looked closely at the facts and physical evidence they presented.

Campbell states, “I think they arrived at a verdict that made sense. As far as we’re concerned, the jury has looked carefully at the evidence and its a fair verdict and so we accept it as the system working the way it should.”

In July of 2011 Hudson got into a physical altercation with his neighbor where he then ended up stabbing him. His neighbor later died from the stab wounds.

Manslaughter in the first degree carries a 10 year sentence.