Grants Pass Low Income Housing Ruling

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) ruled today that the city council in Grants Pass was in error when it decided to block the construction of low income.

Maple Park off of Fruitdale Drive already has 28 town homes on the property. When the existing homes were in construction, the developer went bankrupt and the remaining land was bought last year by the Housing Authority of Jackson County.

The Housing Authority was then approved to build low-income housing by the area planning commission, but the construction was blocked by Grants Pass City Council based on six points including utility and parking issues.

Now the state has overturned the decision, and the current Maple Park residents have no chance to appeal and a list of worries about the project’s impact.

“We’re probably going to ride it out, and if the crime occurs the way that i think it’s going to, we’ll move. I don’t know where we’ll move to, but we’ll move somewhere,” said current Maple Park resident Jon Frego.

Officials with the Housing Authority of Jackson County confirmed the ruling on Wednesday.

They say they plan to begin construction in the area as soon as this fall.