Grants Pass Jail Beds Filling Up

Grants Pass Jail Beds 2GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Suspected criminals in Grants Pass are filling up more than half of the city’s rented jail beds.

August 1st, 20 jail beds opened up for city-use and 11 of the beds are now filled. Earlier in the week, nearly all the rented the jail beds were occupied.

Police say the number of offenders housed at the jail varies from day-to-day. The total depends on what cases the district attorney chooses to file or drop.

“The most that we’ve taken in, in a 12 hour shift was eight the other night we took in. So, right now everybody is pretty much going in. Several of them who have gone in have been surprised that they’re going to jail,” said Lt. Jim Hamilton.

The city signed a contract with the county to pay for 20 jail beds. If officers end up arresting more than that, the city will pay additional money for each additional bed depending on how long the offender stays in the jail.