Grants Pass H.S. Welcomes New Sparrow

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – High school students are doing their part to help a young child battling cancer.

Grants Pass High School welcomed 5-year-old Isaac Pinon as its Sparrow child this school year. Isaac has been in a wheelchair his entire life and has battled cancer since birth.

The students are pledging to do community service work to help Isaac’s family pay for medical bills. Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs help local schools “adopt” children with special needs, and allows the students to help raise money for the families. First Community Credit Union will donate $10 for every hour of community service from the students.

The Pinon family was also a part of the Blue Slide Project to help build a wheelchair-accessible playground in Grants Pass.

“These kids that don’t know us, that want to help out, it is overwhelming. You expect your friends and your family to help you, but when strangers do it, it means a whole lot more,” said Mona Pinon, Issac’s mother.