Grants Pass Discussing Exclusion Law

City of Grants PassGRANTS PASS, Ore. — The city of Grants Pass is discussing the possibility of enforcing an exclusion zone law for repeat offenders.

The city plans to not only look at what Ashland is doing with its enforcement, but will review other city policies across Oregon. Council members say they have a few ideas but are waiting to get input from the community and downtown businesses first.

The city council is setting up that forum November 14th at 6 P.M. at the council chambers on Northwest ‘A’ street.


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  1. Mike Merusi says:

    How will they enforce this 24 hours a day? Declare a “No Crime after 9PM law”?

  2. Juniper says:

    What is an exclusion zone law? Could you give a little more info? Thanks

  3. jason matthews says:

    based on the ashland model, this is the description: the officers deal with the same ppl over and over doing the same thing, generally violation level offenses or misdemeanors. the officers have little ability to do anything, especially on the violations, because the penalty is just a fine, which doesn’t get paid. the exclusion zone project tracks repeat offenders, and when they reach a threshold of having committed so many violations or crimes in a certain period of time, the city has them banned from the downtown area for a certain period of time. after the person is served with that notice, if he even walks into the downtown area he is trespassing and can be arrested and lodged at the county jail. exceptions apply for working, seeking work, or going to church. it seems to have worked well in ashland.

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