Grants Pass Attempted Kidnapping

Grants Pass Police

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Grants Pass police responded to an attempted kidnapping Monday afternoon in the Northeastern section of town.

The father of a nine year old boy called the incident in after his son got off his school bus and a man reportedly pointed a semi-automatic hand gun in the child’s face, demanding he get in the car. The victim refused and ran away into some nearby bushes.

The boy watched the vehicle then drive away on NE Fairview Avenue towards NE Foothill Boulevard. Once the suspect was gone, he ran home immediately telling his father, who checked the area and phoned law enforcement.

The suspect is described as an adult male, approximately 40-50 years of age. He is believed to be dark skinned with short dark hair parted on the side. He has a dark goatee and also Samurai or Ninja style tattoos on his left forearm. The man was last seen wearing a dark t-shirt.

The suspect’s vehicle is a new model red Dodge Challenger with a solid black stripe down the middle of the vehicle from front to back. It has a small spoiler on the back end, dirty rims and black Asian style stickers on the back window.

If anyone knows any information regarding this incident, immediately notify Grants Pass Department of Public Safety at 541-450-6260.