Grants Pass Approves More Fees For Jails

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Grants Pass City Council unanimously voted to pass an ordinance increasing utility fees to residents and businesses to pay for more jail beds on Wednesday night.

The new fee will bring in $972,000 to purchase more jail beds in the Josephine County Jail. At the meeting, there was little opposition as city leaders and public comment determined that Grants Pass would have to pick up the slack of Josephine County voting against the jail and youth levy that failed by 52 percent in the May election.

“I think we need the jail open, i think just as many county people come into the city and they get arrested here and since the county doesn’t feel it’s necessary to pay their fair share… the city has to step up and take care of the county,” said ¬†Cheri Adkins, who has lived in Grants Pass for more than 30 years.

People in Grants pass can expect to see the new fee on their bills starting August 1st, and the fee will stay in place until June of 2015. The council plans to reevaluate the issue again at that time.

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  1. Randy Howerton says:

    How is the “new” fee determined, on what utility, and how much will it cost the average resident?

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