Grants Pass Aims For More Bike-Friendly Community

May 16, 2011

By Steven Sandberg

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Community planners in Grants Pass says they’re moving forward with plans to make the city the most bicycle friendly town in southern Oregon.

It’s the first day of National Bike To Work Week, and in Grants Pass, officials want to use that enthusiasm and make bike traffic a permanent part of city travel.

It started with the addition of green bike lanes on several streets. They now have plans to take it a step further and create bicycle boulevards on some residential streets. It would be shared roadways but would give priority to cycle traffic, and help give riders direct routes through the city.

The plans are being modeled after similar routes in Portland, but also like Portland, there is debate over whether city funds should be used for bike lanes.¬†Officials say it’s still to early for an exact number on the cost. They say if funding is an issue, they want to at least educate commuters on sharing the road.

Community Development directors say the next step is to install more signs marking bike paths and shared roads. They hope to begin creating more bike lanes and bicycle boulevards in a year.