Grant Received For New Jail

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YREKA, Calif. – More dangerous inmates could be held in Siskiyou County. The Sheriff’s Office has received a multi-million dollar grant for a new jail.

The Siskiyou County Jail is only 24-years-old, but the Sheriff’s Office says it already fails to meet their needs.  Now, a multi-million dollar opportunity has fallen into the county’s lap; more specifically, a $24 million opportunity. The California Board of State and Criminal Corrections awarded that grant to Siskiyou County to help it build a new jail.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff said the existing jail has 104 beds, but they have dealt with overcrowding and the jail was not built to deal with the larger number of felons that need to be held for longer periods of time. The grant will allow the county to build a larger jail with 178 beds, and let the current facility be used for alternative sentencing

“This opportunity to build a new jail is a splendid opportunity for the county because it will fulfill our needs for the next 50 years,” said the Siskiyou County Sheriff, Jon Lopey.

One stumbling block: about a million dollars of the grant needs to be matched by the county. The sheriff’s office is trying to reduce that amount, and have it matched with the costs of labor and land. The next step in the process is actually finding a spot to build this new jail. The county Sheriff’s office and the Board of Supervisors are working together to try to find an adequate spot.