Grand Jury Drops Child Kidnapping Charge

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A man arrested for an attempted kidnapping is now only facing harassment charges.

Police arrested 47-year-old Robert Jones last Monday. They say he tried to take a 5-year-old boy who was walking with his mother on Grape Street in Medford.

When Newswatch 12 spoke to the mother exclusively, she said Jones tried to lure them in three times.

Thursday, a grand jury decided to drop the attempted kidnapping charge. The detective who worked on the case says the grand jury may have wrestled between the charges. The mother intervened Jones and never let him take her son.

“I think they thought, ‘Well, mom did everything right.’ And there was never that ability for that child to go to the car. So I think in their minds the attempt of that, the elements may not have been there,” said James Williams, Medford Police Detective.

Police say Jones has mental health problems. The detective believes the grand jury also wrestled with his illness when making the decision to drop the charge.


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  1. brian says:

    mental or not he tried to take the boy.maybe the jury should be charged with the crime.whats this world coming to that the criminals get off and were made to suffer.

  2. Tammy says:

    Weather he got away with the child or not and weather he has a mental illness or not he still tried to take a child right out of the arms of his mother. The attempted kidnapping charges should still be his charge. The Duckworths did not hurt anyone and they are getting the book thrown at them. where is the justice going in medford. stop making examples of people and catch the real criminals, like attempted kidnappers

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