Graffiti Art For Local Businesses

MEDFORD, Ore. — He’s a vandal-turned-artist, and now he’s using his talents to help local businesses; that graffiti artist is giving a hand to local companies by painting murals inside and outside their buildings.

John Pineda says he used to get into trouble in Southern California spray painting billboards, rooftops and freeways. He also got pretty good at it. When he realized that life was taking him nowhere, he decided to use his talents for good.

Pineda has been painting murals for several local businesses. On President’s Day, he was at Liberty Tax in south Medford, where he spent most of the day painting a design of the Statue of Liberty.

He says he is enjoying being able to use his artistic talents to show that graffiti art can be more than just vandalism. Pineda says he started painting the murals out of necessity, and hopes to turn it into more full time work.

The owner of Liberty Tax said she was drawn by Pineda’s underdog story and after he brought in other examples of his mural work, she was convinced to give him the job. Pineda has also painted murals at Spartan Gym and Fella’s Barbershop, and he hopes the experience can bring him more work.


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  1. Richard E Walch says:

    How can i get in touch with John? I am VP of the NRHS at the Medford Railroad Park, We are interested in having him do a mural for us…Thx. Ric

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