Graduation Season In Southern Oregon

By Bryan Navarro

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — It’s the last day of school and the first night of summer for most Southern Oregon students. As classes wrap up across much of the area it’s time for caps and gowns and graduations.

Earlier Friday at North Medford, seniors said it hasn’t hit them yet that their high school career is over. They had graduation practice this afternoon and walk the stage Saturday evening, and say after that, it’ll start to feel more real.

Many say they’ll be relying on friends and family to help them find a job. Some who were going to college talked about the bittersweet feeling of moving on and leaving their friends and families behind.

The school’s college and career counselor says students have come up to him, concerned about the cost of college, but he believes if there’s a will, there’s a way and points them towards scholarship to help fund their education.

At Eagle Point, even though the students walk across the stage Friday, they’ll be back in classrooms next week. There’s three additional days teaching days that were left over because of the strike a few weeks ago.