Governors Call for Wildfire Funding

wildfire stock photoWASHINGTON D.C., Wash– Oregon, Washington, and California Governors are teaming up to call for more wildfire support. They are pushing for the Wildfire Disaster Funding Act.

It will give the U.S. Forest Service access to emergency funding for suppression and other programs aimed at reducing wildfire risks. The governors said right now the Forest Service does not have emergency funds to pay for fighting wildfires.

The Department of Interior estimates an additional $470 million dollars will be spent on efforts this year, than the department has. They said in the last two fiscal years, the Forest Service had to use more than one billion dollars from other agencies to fight wildfires. These often come from programs aimed at reducing wildfire risks.

The Governors said The Wildfire Disaster Fund Act would ensure there is enough money to target wildfire efforts rather than borrow from another disaster account.