Governor Reveals Cover Oregon Review

Cover OregonSALEM, Ore. — Governor John Kitzhaber is sounding off about the state’s flawed health care exchange. He says Cover Oregon is still not up to par.

Days away from the deadline, Oregon is the only state where the public still can’t sign up for health insurance online in one sitting.

Thursday, Kitzhaber revealed results of an independent review of the site’s launch. He says the review shows major flaws in the technology company hired to build the site, Oracle.

The governor says the company missed deadlines, offered incomplete work, and didn’t adhere to industry standards. Despite the issues, Governor Kitzhaber says 157,400 people have been enrolled through the exchange.

“Our enrollment numbers stand out even amongst states with fully functioning health insurance exchanges and the value of our success in this regard should not be overlooked even as we work to fix what went wrong,” Governor Kitzhaber said.

Along with fast track enrollment, a total of 287,000 people have a health plan since January 1st.

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  1. Mike Callahan says:

    The fraud and theft of the money for this website is a disgrace. The Governor who is ultimately in charge of watching or helping in this theft makes me want to puke.

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