Governor Rejects Bill for Tribal Mascots

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ROGUE RIVER, Ore. — The governor says no, now Native American mascots have to go.

At Rogue River High School, that’s going to mean a lot of areas scrubbed clean of its Chieftain mascot.

“It goes from the totem pole at the football field to all the signage around the school, the gym floor, the gym wall,” principal Jesse Pershin explained. “We’re the Chieftains, and we’re proud of being the Chieftains, just like other schools are proud of who they are.”

Since the Oregon Board of Education ruled that schools remove tribal imagery by 2017, Rogue River already took steps, changing their mascot from a Native American face to a spear, and getting rid of a Chieftain mascot at games. But before they start removing things now, they’re going to see what options come out of the legislature.

“All those things are somewhat waiting to see what the legislation and the governor, and the lawmakers have to say,” Pershin explained.

The biggest issue is the cost of replacing every logo, sign and painting, and who will pay for all of it.

“It’s thousands and thousands of dollars right now when we’re in an economic shortfall,” Pershin added. “We can’t provide significant funding to schools, but we’re going to mandate a change. What is the funding stream going to look like to support schools in this transition and this overhaul?”

They just want to take steps that help its community keep school pride.

“Regardless of where you go to school, whether you’re a Black Tornado or a Panther or a Chieftain, you want your kids to be proud of that, and you want to celebrate it and move forward with it.”

A representative from the Cow Creek Tribe said the tribe plans to stay out of the debate over tribal mascots, and has always taken a stance that schools should do “what they think is right.”


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  1. Annie says:

    What is the thinking on this. Mascots are not ‘Christian’ & that seems to be today’s prejudice. Why the attack on mascots? Or are they afraid some one is going to mention Jesus’ name? Or a scripture? Where is the problem here?

  2. Laurie VanCurler says:

    Has nothing to do with Christianity, and everything to do with so-called discrimination/racism. It’s supposed to be offensive to native Americans, although the tribes are fine with the way things are, and naming your team after someone/something is a tribute, not a put-down. I still feel that this is a colossal, shameful waste of funding- have been saying that all along, ever since the subject first came up.We can’t afford to pay teachers, keep extra-curricular activities available, or educate our children well, but we can blow a ton of money on changing a bunch of logos that are on EVERYTHING involved with those schools?! So much for priorities. Ridiculous.

  3. Fred says:

    All schools should adopt “The Idiot Democrat” as a mascot and lose every game. Keep voting these liberals in and they will wreck what the Californians haven’t

    1. mark says:

      BRAVO Fred, and thanks for my best laugh of the day!

  4. Don says:

    The Chieftians, everybody should be proud that we reconize our Indian heritage.

  5. Rick jensen says:

    Now is the time to get rid of our governor and all the democratic. This is an insane way to spend our tax dollars when we can’t fund our schools now!

  6. Dale W. says:

    Do all the Fire Departments around the State have to start calling their Fire Chiefs something else now? Does Sheldon HS in Eugene have to start calling themselves something other than the “Irish”? Where does the stupidity stop?

  7. Annie says:

    Aah. 1st time I had heard of it. Pretty dumb. Maybe these Socialist Democrats should get off the dole & get a job THEN maybe we can have some common sense again….Get a little tired of SPECIAL interests & stupid tolerances.
    Talk about discriminatory!!
    Thanks for the clarifications.

  8. Cheryl says:

    My kids go to RR Schools. This is rediculous!! Its not like the name is the scalpers or squaws.
    RR does not have the money to chage everything that would need to be according to this so called “governor”. We could be using that money toward EDUCATION afterall that is why we have schools RIGHT!! I am disgusted with all of this. Maybe Governor Kitzhaber should donate a years wages so my childern can have an education. ……..VERY FRUSTRATING!!!

  9. RidgeRunner says:

    Ridiculous in the extreme.
    Hope this comment doesn’t offend any neo-libspeak-ultra-sensitive-“go see a counselor I’m offended” person of any race or color or gender, known or unknown, written or unwritten, etc., etc.

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