Governor Against The Grange Casino

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon voters will soon weigh in on a proposed casino near wood village and now Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is getting in on the debate.

The Governor says he is firmly against the Grange Casino and today he filmed a campaign ad against Measure 82 and 83, which would authorize that casino. Kitzhaber say he is against the idea because of the state’s existing agreement with tribal governments.

Each tribe in the state has agreed to operate just one casino, as long as there was no competition from private casinos. If the measures are passed, the grange will be the first private casino in the state. Kitzhaber’s ads are expected to start airing next week.


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  1. victor manzo says:

    I do think the there should be a casine not owned by indian tribes it would give them competition. this will let them know they dont have a monopoly.who care what the governor thinks he never does the will of the people

  2. Dan Sylvester says:

    Three X governors are against a privately held casino in Oregon MUST BE A GOOD THING for all of Oregon is my guess. They all (govenors) got their palms greased by the tribes. Why should they have free rains .

    1. Mr. says:

      what you don’t understand is that yes it will make many new jobs but at the same time many native American tribes will be severely hurt financially by this competition of casinos. Native Americans have the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. and many survive from the small amount of money they do receive from their casinos. once this is passed whats to stop YOU PEOPLE from impeding on all of our other rights which you don’t know about but i bet your going to google them now. so please don’t speak your opinion before you have any facts. for example “greased”…..sure cause that makes perfect sense

      1. Tom says:

        It’s just another government ploy. FED roped off land a long time ago after the Pacific Railroad deal failed and they had to jump in to figure it out themselves. Never gave land back, dipped into state pockets, state resources for decades, collected their “fair share” of the revenue just because, hey–there’s enough money to go around, you guys are fine. As the the timber revenue line began its downward spiral in the 70’s-80’s-90’s, FED says hey–don’t we have other various land roped off in our name? The FED has their hands also dipped in tribal pockets while $570+million still comes in to the 9 casinos in net revenue….that’s in a bad year! So why exactly is the FED collecting $74 million just because they are the FED? Landlord fee?

        –End this nonsense, Kitzhaber is a puppet. Has been since the 80’s.

        Timber, Casinos. It really isn’t all that different when you look at the big picture.

  3. Tony Segeworth says:

    They’re all trying to sell the public on how bad private casinos would be? Of course’ it’s a multi-billion dollar industry in Oregon, and tax free income for the tribes. A private casino in Oregon would be pumping millions into the Oregon economy, as well as helping programs for Heathcare, Schools, etc. The tribes don’t pay taxes and although they try to tell you how much good they do’ it’s really all about them, period. Well’ it’s non-tribal people giving them all the revenue, which is then banked by the tribe’s without having to pay taxes. A private casino would have to pay huge amounts of taxes which would in turn, go to help this state in many ways. So the question is’ we already have casino’s, we just don’t have casino’s that help Oregon’s economy, period. Do we want the ones that pay taxes, or a strict Monopoly or tribal owned casinos that whisk away the money into personal bank accounts under a tax free status’ and do little nothing for Oregon’s residents. This has gone on far enough and it’s just a joke. It’s time to have real casinos, that pay real taxes and could do a lot for the state.

  4. reality says:

    How many more generations of Indians do we have to make it through before we, as a society say enough is enough. At some point the “victimization” the Indians experienced shouldn’t have any bearing on the current Indians that are alive. Indians have one of the highest rates of unemployment…..Ok, you identified the problem, now get off your ass and do something about it, Geez!

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