Gov. Perry Charged With Abuse of Power

rick perry cnn(CNN) — Governor Rick Perry surrendered on Abuse of Power charges. It took about ten minutes for him to have his mugshot and fingerprints taken, and Perry said he still isn’t backing down and believes he will win his case.

The charges stem from his attempts to force Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg to step down after her DWI arrest and vetoing $7.5 million dollars of state funding from the Public Integrity Unit she oversees, when she didn’t.

Perry and his lawyers said it’s a matter of free speech and they are ready for battle. Perry supporters said it’s a political ploy. A handful of protesters from the other side of the aisle also stood at the courthouse, arguing politics had nothing to do with this.

Governor Perry was released on a personal bond, which means he didn’t have to pay bond. His arraignment hearing is set for Friday, he does not have to be present for it.