GOP Gather at Oktoberfest Event

GOP BBQMURPHY, Ore. — Republicans gathered from across the state for an Oktoberfest event Saturday in Josephine County. There weren’t any formal speeches, and candidates were face to face with voters at the event – just the way organizers planned.

Republican Jo Rae Perkins told local residents she’s running to replace U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley and if she comes out on top with voters, it will be her first time as an elected official. She believes her years of experience in finance will serve as a reality check in Washington.

“Let’s trim the fat,” said Perkins. “It’s going to hurt, but how long can we have spoiled children in the capitol? It’s time to get rid of political correctness and bring in some political honesty for once.”

Another GOP candidate trying to take down Merkley in 2014 is Mark Callahan. He believes he’s different from what’s representing the state in Washington, D.C. now.

“They believe that government is the answer to all problems which it isn’t,” said Callahan. “That’s not what our country was founded on. Our country was founded upon limited government and I believe that the individual over the government is the most important person.”

Perkins is from Albany and Callahan is from Salem. Both candidates were concerned with the capitol moving away from what the Constitution calls for.

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  1. Roxanne says:

    I support Mark Callahan and consider him to be a man of integrity, and a person who is not afraid to
    stand up and support the Constitution.

    Let’s toss Merkey out !

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