Good Samaritans Stop Robber

Mug-EugeneEUGENE,  Ore. — A team effort between an unlikely group of heroes leads to a thwarted robbery and a man behind bars.

Andrew Khuu was walking to the 7-Eleven to get an e-cigarette when he heard screaming coming from inside and someone yelling that a woman had been stabbed. As he went inside to help, he says the suspect speed-walked past him on the way out. That’s when he says a group of six other people outside the store started chasing the robber down.

Khuu goes on to explain, “These guys, about six guys or so what do we do? You know should we go after him and I was like ‘let’s go’ and the dude hadn’t made it very far down the street. We started running after him and he kept, he turned around he’s like ‘hey I don’t want any problems, I’m just, let me leave, you know.'”

The good Samaritans were able to keep the robber at bay until police arrived, despite the fact that he was still holding a knife.

The woman who was stabbed had to get ten stitches for her wounds, but is reportedly doing fine.