Gold Hill Wants Public Safety Officer

Gold-Hill-2GOLD HILL, Ore. — Seven years after Gold Hill gave up on trying to run its own Police Department, the City is now reaching out to the Jackson County Sheriff’s office for more help. The City has relied on the Sheriff’s office for routine patrol protection and backup, but now it’s asking for a little more.

The council wants to hire a uniformed community service deputy to keep an eye on things, and work on code enforcement issues around town. That would be for about 30 hours a week.

“Now this person will be in a uniform, and have close contact with people who do carry weapons and are police officers of a different sort,” said Margaret Dials, of the Gold Hill City Council. “So we’ll have back up in that way, too. A little bit better communication, I think.”

She said the additional service would cost the city about $35,000 a year. The proposal now goes to Jackson County for consideration.