Gold Hill Voter Trouble with Ballots

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GOLD HILL, Ore. — Ballots for the special election in Gold Hill are due on Monday, but many people who say they believe they were registered to vote did not get their ballots.

When those community members contacted the elections office, they were surprised at the reason.

According to the Jackson County Elections Office, when it appears to the county clerk that a voter needs to update their voter information, or they have changed their address, a notice is sent to the voter. At that time, their voter status becomes “inactive.”

If the person does not respond and has not voted or updated their registration for two general elections, the voter’s registration is cancelled. If they want to vote again, they must re-register.

This was the case for several gold hill voters who were not happy to find out that information when it was too late.

“Well I was under the impression that once you registered, you’re registered, but not the case, evidently. So I’m upset because I wanted to vote in the recall and I don’t get to now,” said Gold Hill resident, Stacey Macy.

Voter registration cards area available at all post offices.

If you would like to check your voter status, you can do so at a local elections office, or visit the Oregon Secretary of State Website. Fill in your name and birthday and it will let you know if you are an active voter.