Gold Hill Marijuana Dispensary Opens

dispensaryGOLD HILL, Ore. — The first medical marijuana dispensary in Gold Hill has officially opened its doors, but some patients may have to wait a little longer for medical marijuana.

Breeze Botanicals opened its doors along Second Street on Monday, but the owners said half of their marijuana inventory did not pass mold and mildew tests, and will need to be thrown out while they wait for more to come in.

The dispensary has worked with city and state leaders for permission to open, and the Gold Hill City Council lifted its moratorium on dispensaries last Friday.

“You have this idea as an entrepreneur what you’ll be doing, and the last two days have been beautiful because all these people have been coming in with all these debilitating conditions,” said owner Brie Malarkey.

Recall efforts have been started against city council members who approved the dispensary. Petitioners said they want the dispensary issue to be put to a public vote.


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  1. Alexander says:

    Congratulations to Gold Hill to be the first to have the forward-thinking intelligence not to deny a valid and much-needed business! The People of Oregon have spoken, and we want these dispensaries state-wide.

  2. Brie says:

    Correction: we have medical marijuana in stock for patients at Breeze Botanicals…it’s just not as many strains and products as we would like to have for patients. Nobody has left unhappy. Unfortunately the correct story is that over 50% of the excess marijuana that patients and growers are bringing us to redistribute to patients is failing mold and mildew testing. This means I don’t have as much on the shelf as I would like.

    The good news is patients now have a safe place they can access quality tested medicine. It was quite amazing to me to see how much of the marijuana that is grown is not cured properly causing the mold.

    1. janetgasparini says:

      Do you have to buy the cannabis from certain people ?

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