Gold Hill Fire Undergoing Cleanup

GOLD HILL, Ore. — Firefighters are on the downhill side of the Nugget Fire cleanup today, with full containment of the blaze in sight.

Fire crews say they were lucky to contain the nugget fire so quickly, especially with the extreme weather conditions and difficult terrain involved. And for the homeowners living in the area, some no more than 10 feet away, it’s a relief. The flames burning off of Highway 234 Thursday had nearby homeowners a nervous wreck.

The fire started on the middle of the steep hill and shot toward the sky, burning nearly nine acres. Crews spent the day fighting the heat while trying to mop up the mess before the weekend storms.

Firefighters currently have a line all the way around the fire and can only spot small smoke sections on the charred land. Fire crews are calling the Nugget Fire controlled at the moment but by late Friday night or early Saturday morning, they say the fire will be fully contained.