Gold Hill Dispensary and Recall

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GOLD HILL, Ore. — Gold Hill residents have less than two weeks to decide if they will recall four of their city council members who all voted in support of a medical marijuana dispensary opening in the city.

The four councilors at risk of recall are Doug Reischman, Lorraine Parks, Gus Wolf, and Margaret Dials. Breeze Botanicals, the city’s only medical marijuana dispensary, held an open house Wednesday night in hopes of showing the Gold Hill community that councilors made the right decision.

“When I saw what the recall petitioners had written as their argument on the ballot, I really wanted an opportunity for the local residents and voters to come be able to walk through my business to be able to evaluate,” said Brie Malarkey, Owner and Manager of Breeze Botanicals. “Is this truly a bad aspect for our community?”

Those against the dispensary who filed the petition for the recall were concerned about increased crimes rates and the influence the dispensary may have on children.

The city manager also says in the two months it has been open, Breeze Botanicals has generated more than $4,000 for the public safety fund in the city.

Gold Hill residents must have ballots in by August 25.