Gold Hill Discusses Dispensary License

5-5 jbo moratoriumGOLD HILL, Ore. – Gold Hill is moving one step closer to ending its moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.

On Monday the City Council will hold the first of two public readings on an ordinance to create a business license for dispensaries. City leaders say the plan is to make it possible for a single store, already under construction, to eventually provide marijuana.

This ordinance would ensure that store, Breeze Botanicals, would abide by restrictions on hours of operation, as well as age and background check requirements.

“Even though I was already going to do a lot of these things to protect my business, it ensures to the community that whoever operates the one dispensary Gold Hill can have will operate as a good neighbor.”

City leaders say Gold Hill will only ever have a maximum of one dispensary due to lack of space.

Breeze Botanicals will start selling herbal remedies when it opens its doors on May 15th, but will not provide marijuana for the time being. In order for that to happen, the city will need to accept this ordinance and pass another changing current zoning laws.


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  1. citizen says:

    Let’s watch the crime rate increase in Gold Hill once they open a “legal dispensary”. Pot heads will be flocking to get their ” legal drug of choice”. Gold Hill city council you are headed down a very slippery slope.

    1. connie says:

      Crime rates go up? What will go up is business all over town. The only people that can buy at the dispensary are people who already have their permits, period. Crime rates are going to go up in the areas that are refusing to allow medical marijuana to be legally dispensed through the new state laws. You are the people who are forcing the black market (illegal) to stay in business. Because of the dispensary bans and moratoriums all over Southern Oregon, Gold Hill will be seeing an increase in all of their local businesses as people come there to legally buy their medical marijuana. These same people will be buying food, eating at restaurants and shopping at their local stores. These are law abiding people, not the criminals, they don’t bother with permits! Get real!

    2. hanxel33 says:

      For anybody reading this who might be as ignorant as this guy posting as “citizen”, southern oregon has a very very bad problem with marijuana and the black market trade. It is a complete mess and it spills into the medical community very deeply. People are getting ripped off left and right and there is absolutely no regulation. The prolonging of that system has increased crime rates alone and the steps taken to bring this into a more regulated and safer market have been met with concerned and somewhat irrational fears by those who take absolutely no part in it but ironically have been given the bigger say by city councils and news outlets. This behavior is only permitting the illegal drug trade to exist and strengthen as people with terminal illnesses are searching for a natural alternative to the debilitating medicine they are prescribed by their doctors. By allowing dispensaries to exist, you are taking the same steps as California, Washington and Colorado in testing out a fair, safe, and regulated market for those who are interested and those who are in need of natural alternatives. Yes there will be problems along the way as there have been, but none of those problems has resulted in increased crime rate, anywhere.

      1. Actuarial says:

        What you are doing with dispensaries is setting up a foundation for tax revenue. Already, the locally licensed dispensaries that don’t comply with the new regs have been shut down.
        Talk about a bunch of turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

  2. Actuarial says:

    It’s a land use issue. The people who already live in Gold Hill have land use rights which include a 500 foot buffer between an adult oriented business and a residence, church, daycare, playground and library. That is existing Gold Hill Land Use law. As usual, Gold Hill is making the news as being the least informed body politic in the county. While other people who are not as wise as Gold Hill attended the seminar in Salem last week hosted by LOC to work out the legal description of dispensary for land use and zoning purposes, Gold Hill was forging ahead to a decision that will be overturned at LUBA because Marijuana is the new kid on the block and it doesn’t trump the existing standards. I feel bad for this lady, because nobody advised her that it was really dumb to try to open up a dispensary that disregards the existing codes of the city.
    She should have hired a good land use planner and got up to speed on the laws, and what is currently missing in the new one. Who told her it was a good idea to try and open a dispensary within 500 feet of an existing church and residences?

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