Gold Hill Councilors at Risk for Recall

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GOLD HILL, Ore. — A¬†group of Gold Hill residents is fuming after city council members approved ordinances allowing a medical marijuana dispensary to open in the city limits on a 4-2 vote. On Friday morning, about eight people went to the city hall to file to have the four city council members who voted in favor of those ordinances recalled.

Those community members want to recall Lorraine Parks, Gus Wolf, Margaret Dials, and Doug Reischman from the council, saying the councilors went against community wishes with their vote on Monday night.

The last three city council meetings were packed with people urging the councilors to leave the decision to a public vote. When that is not what happened, residents felt they had no choice but to file the recalls as they say they no longer trust these city leaders.

Once those applications are processed for the petitions, each will need 63 signatures of registered Gold Hill voters to have a call-to action from the councilors. At that point, the councilors can either resign, or be subject to a special vote in the city where the public will decide if they will stay in office.

City Manager Rick Hohnbaum expects to have those petitions approved by Monday, and community members can start to collect signatures after that.

Hohnbaum also added that no matter what happens with the pending recalls, it will not affect city council decisions that have already been made.

Breeze Botanicals is a local store has already been approved for a state license to distribute medical marijuana. The owner, Brie Malarkey applied for her Gold Hill business license on Tuesday morning and has been approved. She plans to have the dispensary portion of her shop open on Monday morning.


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  1. Sammie says:

    Well, let’s all hope the four who walked in there to remove the perfectly legal rights of the ill, never become ill themselves where marijuana would be the drug of choice for their condition.

  2. James Jones says:

    Wow. Gold Hill continues to be an absolute mess. The very people who voted these council members in are going to recall them because they don’t like their opinions. Can’t have your cake and eat it to Gold Hill. Things will never change, FIGURE IT OUT!

  3. Bunny Snow says:

    Amazing! Gold Hill just never changes, does it!! First, the majority of citizens in Oregon vote to make medical marijuana legal and accessible, and the state legislature does everything in it’s power to frustrate the will of the people. Then cities and county councils all over the state vote to further frustrate the will of the people by delaying implementing the will of the people. FINALLY you get a town where the council wants to HONOR the vote of their citizens, but the small, special interest people have a hissy fit because they only like the voting process if it goes in THEIR favor!! That is how liberals ALWAYS act!!! They appoint a city council to voice the opinions of the MAJORITY of the citizens, but the small, noisy, minority does everything they can to shout down the majority. Everyone wants freedom in American, unless freedom for some one else to do what you don’t like is included in that freedom. I applaud the counsel members who voted in favor of the many phone calls and emails they received from people in favor of this freedom. These came from people who are afraid to go forward and say their piece about it in public, due to past experience of being badgered and hissed at by the liberals in Gold Hill who really don’t like ‘ freedom for all’ unless it is by THEIR rules!! I hope their silly little recall falls flat on itself. I loved living in Gold Hill, but the political demands of the minority have always been the loudest. Too bad the little town is being taken over more and more by selfish, bossy, Southern Californian democrats who want to tell us Southern Oregonian hicks how THEY want things run! They ruined their own state and made it unlivable, now they want to conquer and ruin ours.

  4. Annie says:

    Maybe you people need to visit CL in the politics category & see just what drugs do to peoples minds.
    Maybe you have never actually had to deal with the paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, etc of drug users.
    Or maybe you are drug users & can’t/won’t see the truth.
    Problem is, not everyone wants to live with drug users & growers & we already know there are fewer legitimately ‘ill’ people than is claimed.
    Many of us do not want to be run over by the growers. Or robbed or threatened.
    As for the vote. I talked to 1 of the guys who is the mouth for the people & I quote, ” I will say anything they want as long as they keep paying me. They will believe anything”. This was said with a snicker & sneer.
    & then I was invited to sign a petition which is the exact opposite of what he claimed. & these poor people buy it.
    Pretty sad, if you ask me.

  5. Brie says:

    Very disappointing news from Gold Hill. I hope the voters in Gold Hill vote with their hearts if Mrs. West and Mrs. Alford are able to collect enough signatures to bring about a recall election. I know change is hard. Throughout history people have feared the new, the unknown, and the misunderstood. The benefit of studying history is that we realize that many fears are unfounded and that the “what if’s” and threats that are spread before change are slanderous and unfounded. I can only hope the registered voters in Gold Hill, Oregon will give me a chance – give medical marijuana users a chance – to prove we are not bad people and we will not increase crime and we will not drive drugged and we will not degrade society. Discrimination and judgement against a group of people who choose to use herbal medicine -specifically medical marijuana- is sad and makes me want to fight harder to prove I can operate an amazing state licensed facility.

    Please Gold Hill give me a chance and give patients the freedom of choice to medicate how they wish and most importantly don’t punish the leaders who took steps this week to develop sound public policy. The four that voted to pass additional regulations on my dispensary are the true leaders and should be applauded.

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