Gold Hill Canal Water Begins To Lower


GOLD HILL, Ore. —¬†¬†About 400 residents between Gold Hill and Rogue River will have to do without irrigated water for at least the next three weeks.

The Gold Hill Irrigation District began a project today that will improve fish passage along the Rogue River.

The 14 mile-long irrigation canal will have much of it’s water diverted while work is done. The irrigation district said the project must be done by September in order to avoid fines that could affect future grants.

Many residents say say they rely on the water for crops, livestock, and even fire protection. The irrigation district says they began notifying customers in January, but many say they did not know about the project.

<i was surprised, i didn’t know anything about it. we were told that we got letters in the mail, but it must have gotten lost in the mail, because none of us knew anything about it,” said Marge Martin who irrigates from the canal for her garden and pasture.

Many of the affected neighbors say they are frustrated the work is happening during a drought year, and wildfire season.