Going GMO Free Could Cost the County

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MEDFORD, Ore. — GMO free activists took a stand at the Jackson County Commissioners meeting. They asked the commissioners to retract cost claims made for ballot measure 15-119, a measure aiming at making Jackson County GMO free.

Commissioners said if the measure is passed and made into a law they would have to enforce it, and this would mean using money from the county and tax payers to do so.

However, GMO free activists said there is nothing in the ballot measure that would make it mandatory for the county to enforce the law.

Activists also suggested the county research the topic of genetically modified organisms further, and scrap the old cost report and bring a different one to the table in the coming weeks.

“I hope that they will just act prudently and retract the report and come up with an unbiased and truly neutral report on the proposed costs,” said Elise Higley, Out Family Farms Coalition director.

Commissioner Don Skundrick said the commissioners will take the opinions voiced on Wednesday into consideration, but they do not know if anything will change.