GMO Opponents Launch Labeling Effort

5-24 gmoMEDFORD, Ore. — After winning the battle over growing genetically modified food in Jackson County, opponents of GMOs are now turning their sights on making sure all food sold in Oregon is labeled about its GMO content.

Supporters are out gathering signatures hoping to get a statewide initiative on the ballot in November. The plan would require food manufacturers and retailers to label any foods what were grown using genetic engineering.

Supporters said the success of Jackson County’s GMO ballot measure could lead to more widespread support across Oregon.

“People really care about the food that they’re eating,” said Elise Higley, who supports the plan. “And so they’re just hoping to have it labeled on the product.”

Supporters have until July 3rd to gather more than 87,000 valid signatures in order to get the item on the November ballot.

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  1. Mark Andrews says:

    YES!! This is the next step towards sanity in managing our food supply. We should follow Vermont as the second state to implement such labeling.

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