GMO Lawsuit May Be Filed Locally

5-27 gmo lawsuitJACKSON COUNTY, Ore. – Jackson County’s recently passed GMO ban may soon be debated in court. And according to people involved in that potential lawsuit, it would be filed on behalf of a Jackson County farmer.

The Oregonians for Food and Shelter, a special interest group in Salem, confirms they are considering a lawsuit, and are working with a farmer in the county who might become the plaintiff. They declined to identify the farmer.

They say lawsuit is not definite, and offered little comment other than the fact that they’re confident they have a strong legal argument.

Anti GMO group Our Family Farms Coalition is already raising money for a legal defense fund.

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  1. Harry says:

    The group ‘Oregonians for Food and Shelter’ is nothing more than a front for Big Ag and GMO corporations. Any farmers connected to them need to be held highly suspect in their motivations to do so. Certainly no judge in his/her right mind could accept such an obvious politically motivated law suit. The People have spoken, and we do not want GMOs in our soil or in our county. Others will follow, it’s only a matter of time as people become more knowledgeable as to the horrors of frankenfood.

    Anyone who would like to become more educated about GMOs, please watch the movie “The Future of Food.” It is available at our local library.

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