GMO Crops Protected by Government

MEDFORD, Ore. — Despite protests and petitions, companies growing genetically modified crops will be protected under federal law.

Recently, President Obama approved a bill that had a provision protecting companies that genetically modify food. The Monsanto Protection Act allows these companies to grow these types of crops, even without more research.

A local researcher who used to own an organic farm believes GMCs have potential health risks.

“The benefits are the body can’t create the health that it needs unless it has the right nutrients and the right nutrients is the only way to get it is through organics,” said Ken Brown, former owner of Angels Organic Farm.

There are farms in Josephine County that grow genetically modified beets.


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  1. Connie says:

    Other countries are banning GMO’s completely, our government is embracing them. It was a sad day when I found out about the protection for these crops by our government in the new laws being passed. Wake up America!!!

    1. Jon says:

      Not only is this a Bad Law , Monsanto was at the table ” HELPING ” write the Law and the Dems quietly attached it tothe Cont. Resolution to Fund Govt. !!!!! If that Bill had to be debated , it never would have pasted . I really feel for the Organic Farms that now face having their crops contaminated with GM Crap !!!!! Another sad day for america when President signs crap like this !!!

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