Delays Plague Cover Oregon Website

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A month after the Cover Oregon website rolled out, users still can’t enroll online. This comes as health exchanges across the country battle glitches and delays.

Oregon Health Exchange is one of the private insurers in the area now certified as Cover Oregon agents. Their office has been entirely refitted with Cover Oregon computer booths and offices to accommodate people looking to sign up. After spending fifteen to twenty thousand dollars on the effort, however, they still haven’t enrolled a single customer online.

Cover Oregon had originally planned on having enrollment live on October 1st. First that changed to mid-October, and now they say they hope it will be ready by the end of the month.

Customers can see if they’re eligible for subsidies and browse options online, but the only way they can actually enroll is by filling out a nine to fifteen page paper application.

Oregon Health Exchange agent David Cuttrell says that’s holding back signups. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking before coverage begins on January 1st.

“The real problem is that every day that goes by we’re getting closer and closer to that January first deadline. And that’s kind of causing a few grey hairs on the old goatee,” said Cuttrell.

Cover Oregon says they accounted for a slow start. They say they originally planning on insuring 217,000 people in the first year, but may revise that number.

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