Girl Going Bald for Cancer Research

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SAM’S VALLEY, Ore. — Last month, we told you about a 10-year-old, local girl inspired to shave her head for cancer research. Now, she’s back from a cancer fundraiser with a bald head.

“The best thing about being bald…you don’t have to worry about cooling down your head,” said Michaela. “All of my friends want to rub my head now… and I’m like, ‘okay’, and it’s pretty cool!”

Michaela Batty is bald. The 10 year-old doesn’t have cancer, she doesn’t even personally know anyone with cancer, but in a visible show of support, she shaved her head and raised $500 to support those who do.

“I hope they learn it’s not bad to be bald, I mean, it’s just hair,” Michaela said. “You shouldn’t mainly worry about it.”

The last time we met Michaela, she had a full head of hair. Inspired by a magazine article about a girl with cancer, the blonde locks are long gone after a razor went to her head during a St. Baldrick’s event. Michaela says it wasn’t too scary.

“Just a little bit,” she said. “Right when it started […] I blinked and I calmed myself down and I thought, ‘I’m doing this for a good cause.’”

“I’m just really impressed with her heart,” said Renina Wallace, Michaela’s mom. “I am just in awe of her, I was just in awe.”

Her mom isn’t the only one in awe. Michaela says her friends and teachers have pledged support in different ways.

“Another girl, she said she doesn’t want to shave her hair like me, but she wants to try to donate a pint of blood,” said Michaela.

The $500 Michaela raised was actually doubled and she’s already planning to take part in the event next year.