Getting Off to a Great Start This Week!

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Winds have shifted to the Northwest now so some clouds have come in from our North. Partly cloudy skies this evening will keep us warmer than the past several nights. Very patchy fog is a possibility in the northern coastal sections, but I think the Valley’s should see very little into the morning hours. Any low lying clouds that do develop overnight will burn off quickly with the sunset.

Mostly sunny conditions will be the weather headline for tomorrow! Afternoon highs will exceed average into the next several days. By the middle of the week the low 70’s are possible in the valleys. A storm track will bring a few disturbances to our North from now through Wednesday, on top of this high pressure ridge that is in place. However, after Wednesday I believe the storm track will slightly shift south. I was expecting this yesterday, and have now begun to see it happening in the weather models.

For this reason, I have added showers to the forecast for Thursday evening & Friday. Also, a strong cold front is visible on the weather charts looking to come through next Saturday night. This storm will be bringing a significant drop in temperatures, and some light moisture to Southern Oregon & Northern California, but enough to bring some snow to the lower elevations. This however is still a week out from now, so it’s certainly possible this may change. For now, it’s just something to mention and continue to monitor.

Enjoy your week & soak up those rays! For weather updates, you can always head to my Facebook!