Genealogical Society On The Move

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PHOENIX, Ore. – After months of remodeling, the Rogue Valley Genealogical Society is moving to its new library on South Pacific Highway, between Medford and Phoenix. It’s a move that society members have worked for, for several years and now it’s happening and should open the doors to many more people doing family history research.

More than a dozen volunteers are busy moving thousand of books, office furniture and other supplies from the old Rogue Valley Genealogical Library on Huston Road in Phoenix, to this newly remodeled building on South Pacific Highway. Former county librarian Anne Billeter is overseeing the logistics of getting everything transferred as smoothly as possible.

“One of our biggest missions was to find a truck with a lift gate that we could use to do the move, because we did not box up the books. Instead we used the same method that we used for the Jackson County Library moves from the old libraries to the new branch libraries,” Billeter

Carts loaded with the books in order they came from the shelves are loaded directly onto the truck, then will be put right back on the shelves at the new library.

“We send them over to the new library and they will re-shelve them, and they’ll all be in order, instead of putting ‘em in boxes.” Betty Miller, a move organizer.

The new library is a former restaurant that had been vacant for more than a year. Society officials say at twice the size of the old facility, it suits their needs quite well, including lots more parking, and meeting room and computer space.

“It has been rather expensive to remodel, but I think when we’re finished, we’re going to have a wonderful library. And it’ll be the best library between Portland and Sacramento,” explained RVGS President Charleen Brown.

With over 12,000 volumes and moving into a space twice as big it take a lot of co-ordination in order to make this move happen. It’s still going to take more the a week in order to get all this stuff moved out and set up in the new library. A grand opening ceremony is planned for Friday, September 21st. The library will open to the public for the first time on Saturday, the 22nd; hours are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.